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Andso Ageless

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Volume Lash Extensions consist of 3-5 lashes being glued to one natural lash at the same time, using the same amount of glue as for Classic Lash Extensions. These extensions are especially designed for volume sets, very light and fluffy.

Full set 2.5-3hrs.                            $190.00                                  Return full set 1.45hrs. $150.00

2 week fill 40 min.                        $65.00

3 week fill 50 min.                        $75.00

4-5 week fill 1.5-2hrs.                   $125.00


Classic Extensions are when one lash extension is glued to one natural lash.

We glue an extension on almost every lash possible, giving that full eyelash with mascara look.

Full set 1.35 hrs.                                  $160.00                               Return Full set $135.00

2 week touch up 50 min.                      $50.00

3 week fill 60 min.                               $85.00

4-5 week fill 1.5 hrs.                            $115.00

LASH LIFT                                          $150.00

New from Paris Yumi Lash Lift with Keratin treatment. This is NOT a lash perm. The safest and long lasting lash enhancement in the market today. The natural lashes are lifted from the roots, individually placed in proper location, and tinted. This is ideal for people with long lashes who do not want to get extensions, peoples with weak lashes, who should not put on extensions. The results last from 8 to 12 weeks.